The Uyghur People have been living in the centre of the earth for thousands years, The Centre of the Earth is the region where the Great Silk Route, which tied east and West and assured interchange of material and spiritual values, ran. Contacts, which took place in this place between representatives of various cultural environments, assisted in enrichment of Uyghur artistic traditions with achievements of Central Asian, Eastern Iranian and Northern Indian cultures. Wall paintings and sculptures of ancient Uyghur cave temples Ming Oy (Caves of Thousand Buddha), samples of carpet weaving, metallic, ceramic and wood products testify for this interchange
They witnessed many historical events; they witnessed the rise and fall of the great empires. Still they are witnessing one of their very historical moment of survival in the hands of the nature and people.
This nation has its own Language, Own Geography, Own History , own Culture, own Politics and its own Survival skills.


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