President of the World Uighur Congress Rebiah Kadeer: “We are disappointed with the position of the Islamic world” – EXCLUSIVE

President of the World Uighur Congress Rebiah Kadeer: “We are disappointed with the position of the Islamic world” – EXCLUSIVE


[ 21 Jul 2009 12:23 ]
Washington. Zaur Hasanov – APA. President of the World Uighur Congress Rebiah Kadeer gives an interview to APA US bureau

-What can you say to the Azerbaijani people about the bloody events in Urumqi?

– First of all I am greeting my Azerbaijani brothers. I know that there are many Azerbaijanis in Iran and other parts of the world. I know that the Iranian Azerbaijanis also have problems. I am aware of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict, the most serious problem of Azerbaijan. I share all problems of the Azerbaijani people and I am ready to assist them to solve these problems. I would like you also help us against the persecution policy of the Chinese government against the Uighurs. Our lands – the Eastern Turkistan – is a homeland of all Turks over the world – Azerbaijanis, Kazakhs, Turkmens, Kyrgyzs and others. The Eastern Turkistan is a cradle of Turkic culture. If this culture disappears, the Turks will lose their homeland. Therefore all need to support the Uighur Turks.

– Can you inform the Washington officials about the situation of the Uighurs?

– We met with the congressmen and Congress Working group on China to explain essence of the events in the Eastern Turkistan and held a press conference together with some congressmen. But we had no opportunity to meet with high-ranking officials of the Obama administration. We are working for that they have strong position toward the bloody events.

– What is on the basis of the bloody events in Urumqi?

– There were only 300 000 Chinese people in the Eastern Turkistan when the Chinese government occupied it in 1949. But now their number was equalized with the number of Uighurs and is nearly 9 million. This is a result of the assimilation policy official Beijing pursues in our lands. The peaceful people are under the pressure. The religious education, visiting the mosques and fasting were banned. The Muslim government employees and even resigned people are also not allowed to do that. Our alphabet has been changed for three times since 1949. At first they replaced it with Cyrillic, then with Latin. For the last time they replaced it with Arabic to create a gap between the generations. Uighur language has not been taught in the universities since 2003. All these cases forced the people to demand their rights.
– All Muslim world raised protest against the Prophet Muhammad cartoons in Danish newspapers. Are you satisfied with the reaction of the Muslim world to the events in Urumqi?

– We also ask it from the Muslim world. We are telling them why you keep silence when the mosques are destroyed in Urumqi, but all of you protested when the cartoons were published. It is a double standard. The Islamic world should address our problem. The Islamic world intends to protect its relations with China because of its political and economic power and doesn’t intend to see oppressions we suffer from. We welcome Turkey’s protests. Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu promised to bring the last events to the UN Security Council agenda and discussed the issue with the Chinese foreign minister. Other Islamic countries could also take such actions. We were disappointed with the position of the Islamic world.

-Your two sons are under the arrest in China. Do you concern about them?

-Yes. My sons are under the arrest. My other three children, nine grandchildren, three brothers and 30 other relatives are under the control of the Chinese government. I have no news about them after the last events. All links were cut…


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