China for anti-separatism law in Xinjiang

  • China for anti-separatism law in Xinjiang

  • Urumuqi (China), Jul 20 (PTI) Amid the worst communal carnage in the country’s history which claimed nearly 200 lives in Xinjiang province, China will boost local legislation against separatism in the region that has been witnessing an independence movement by disgruntled Muslim Uygurs.

    Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region would accelerate local legislation against separatism, said the region’s top lawmaker yesterday.

    Eligen Imibakhi, chairman of the Standing Committee of the Xinjiang Regional People’s Congress, said the regional congress would unswervingly safeguard the dignity and authority of the Constitution and other laws .

    The July 5 incident involving beating, smashing, looting and burning, was a severe violent crime colluded, planned and organised by “three forces” of extremism, separatism and terrorism both at home and abroad, said the regional top legislator.

    Nearly 200 people were killed when ethnic violence erupted between Uygur Muslims and the Han Chinese in China’s Xinjiang province.


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