The ideas of a girl in Germany for ET & Uyghurs

The ideas of a girl in Germany for ET & Uyghurs

China should stop and leave the field – Something needs to be done

With her ignorance towards East-Turkistan, China does not only hurt East-Turkistan but the sensibilities of Turks throughout the world. The same is true with regard to foreign investors who are active in East-Turkistan without approval by the East-Turkistan people. One of China’s latest atrocities is the intention to destruct 85% of the ancient city Kashgar. The East-Turkistan Parliament in Exile should get the full support from the international community and work out an action plan to be enforced as soon as possible. The Parliament should consider the following actions:

1. Writing a letter to governments all over the world to explain the situation and their status, and to request their loyalty (for the time during and after the liberation process).

2. Conducting research to find out which foreign companies act in East-Turkistan without consent by the East-Turkistan government. The applicable companies (and their governments) should be notified and provided with information about East-Turkistan’s history, culture, people and miserable situation due to Chinese policy. Foreign undertakings in East-Turkistan should be only allowed if they are in the interest of East-Turkistan people and, as common throughout the world, only with the consent and an agreement concluded with the East-Turkistan government.

One wonders, how come that foreign investments are taking place in East-Turkistan without participation of East-Turkistan? Is it due to China presenting an ex parte presentation that denies the existence of East-Turkistan, is it due to an insufficient country analysis by the investors, or is it due to a lack of information about East-Turkistan and Turkish history and culture?

Chinese media in foreign languages provides a picture of “Westchina” and a happy Uyghur minority that is only too willing “to share” their natural resources for the benefit of communist China. And those Uyghurs who dare to resist are easily judged “terrorists” and “separatists”. Two such representations made by China for German language speakers look like this:…nt_9424148.htm and…nt_2112244.htm .

How come that the rebuilding of Urumqi city had become a huge German-Chinese government infrastructure project?…io_urumqi.html
Where is East-Turkistan taken into consideration, one wonders.

3. Seeking full backup from the US government for a liberation process yet to come. A conference at the White House should be sought as soon as possible. It is shocking how rapidly China succeeds in wiping out Turkish culture and people.

4. Setting up an international defence force to be placed into East-Turkistan to protect Uyghur people from human rights infringement conducted by China.

5. Seeking strong and increasing existing support from the surrounding countries, the Turkish countries, and other Asian countries such as Japan to maintain their culture and ties to countries that do not act against East-Turkistan interests.

6. Issuing an East-Turkistan currency albeit their existence in exile.

7. Offering Uyghur language courses and other courses, e.g. on an online basis, so that the international community has a better chance to understand the situation.

8. Requesting a military presence from Turkey or another Turkish country.

How much more shall the Uyghur people bear? The latest news and decisions are absurd and sad: both the Chinese Kashgar destruction and the denial by Germany of the falsely accused Uyghur Guantanamo inmates. Having tried in vein to protect their mother-land they may now follow German-Chinese co-operations in East-Turkistan from their new island exiles. Who is willing to ignore these “disturbing” subjects` fate and who to ignore East-Turkistan. Who is willing to tolerate China’s policy to accroach Turkish territory for her overpopulated and natural resources-needing people?


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